Current Lead Times : COVID 19 Impacts & Updates

IDS Furniture, Inc. abruptly halted production on March 27, 2020 in order to conform to the "stay at home" mandate issued by Dallas County that same week.


We are grateful for each and every one of our customers and their continued support for our family owned company. Since re-opening at the beginining of May, we have seen record level sales each month. After preparing for the worst while being closed for six weeks, this is an incredible outcome and something no one expected. We feel humbled by the overwhelming support from our loyal base of customers.


With a record number of orders in production right now, our biggest challenge is going to be delivering on the promised dates in our system.

As expected, we are experiencing the same difficulties as all domestic factories are seeing right now. The difficulties include but are not limited to:


-operating at 70-80% capacity with multiple shifts per day in order to maintain safe distancing for employees

-shutting down certain parts of production while awaiting test results or following quarentine requirements

-an elevated number of employee absenses due to family/life schedule changes and/or infections occuring within family members or households

-supply chain issues stemming from earlier in the year due to companies in the supply chain not planning correctly or hesitating to stock good normally kept available domestically 

While we are doing our best to maintain a short lead time, we must continue to quote

18-20 week production time

for all orders. This lead time indicates the amount of time required to finish an order. You should add 3-5 days to compensate for packing and shipping. Transit times are anywhere from 2-10 days depending on your location.

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